When community members were given a voice to express what public health needs they saw most urgent in their community, they said that they have long awaited a place to take their children and teens when they experience mental health issues. Not only did community members want counseling therapy but envisioned a center that would truly be a support for families in Southeast Dallas. Below are the description of services they not only asked for but will have a hand in leading.


Mental Health Counseling

Coming Soon! When our home is ready, we will be able to offer quality mental health counseling for children and teens ages 4-18.


Family Educational Support

Our team will ensure that you are well informed about mental health, especially when it comes to your child’s diagnosis. 


Family Emotional Support

If you are supported, you will be able to support your child! Be a part of a support group together with other families with similar experiences.


Community Health Resources Network

Our goal is that you will never walk away from our center without knowing all the resources available for your children’s health needs.

I want to the center to be a place that gives us hope for the future of our children. 

-Community focus group mother